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5 savings a serviced office can bring to your business

by WorkWell on December 1, 2022


There are many reasons why a business may consider moving offices; to increase efficiency, improve operations, streamline, scale up or down, or simply looking to move to where its customers are, for example.

According to Entrepreneur Europe, lowering costs is one of the most cited reasons for a business to move offices and it’s natural to compare a serviced office to a conventional office space when relocating.

Here, we highlight 5 savings that a serviced office could bring to your business:

  1. Cost efficiency and no extra cost

Serviced offices can be extremely cost-efficient when you consider there are no additional costs to pay, as everything is included within one, easy-to-budget, monthly payment.

As serviced offices are immediately ready-to-use, there is also no initial outlay on furniture, internet, and telephones, which will save both time and money on your office setup.

Many services are also included in the single payment, such as reception, maintenance, cleaning, energy, security, and insurance.

At WorkWell we cover all utility bills and maintenance, making it as easy as possible for our members to budget effectively and manage and reduce outgoing costs.


   2. Flexible leasing

A serviced office can offer flexible leasing terms to accommodate changes to the way your company works, with leases for as little as 3 months. As a business grows the number of employees tends to grow too. With a choice of office space in an agile environment, your business will have the opportunity to scale up (or down) as and when your business needs dictate.

Our approach at WorkWell focuses on creating high-performing and desirable working environments with a flexible agreement and immediate contract amendments. We aim to ensure your specific business needs are catered for with minimal disruption.

  3. Only pay for what you need

With serviced offices you only need to rent the amount of office space your company needs, allowing you to occupy a workspace that is perfect for your business. 

WorkWell provides a range of workspace solutions enabling business owners to only pay for the space their team requires, in order to maintain a professional office address whilst minimising overheads.

  4. Location

Serviced offices are typically situated in great locations with good transport links, making it easy to travel to and from, to the benefit of both your employees and clients.

An out-of-town location can also mean ample free parking, eliminating the charges of city parking and permits.

WorkWell takes the stress away from your commute. Ideally located just five minutes from the M1 and A1 motorways, outside Leeds city centre, WorkWell offers a convenient location and parking facilities.


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5. Turnkey office spaces

Serviced workspaces can be very beneficial when compared to conventional offices, as there is no downtime when moving. As the space comes fully furnished and includes amenities such as internet access, telephones, and other necessary equipment.

WorkWell strives to ensure you have the perfect moving day. From day one you will be up and running with a set-up tailored to you and your team.

For more information, or if you wish to discuss your workspace requirements, contact sales@workwelloffices.com

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