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Ergonomic office innovations we can’t afford to ignore

Posted by Oliver Corrigan on Apr 17, 2018 8:30:00 AM
Oliver Corrigan
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The benefits of ergonomic office furniture have long been realised and documented. ‘Sitting comfortably’ can improve productiveness by as much as 11%. By contrast, an uncomfortable office can be damaging to our health and wellbeing. Though ergonomic workspace is becoming increasingly innovative.

From standing up to work, to have a ‘third place’ to relax, take a look at the following ergonomic office innovations we can’t afford to ignore.

Spaces are simplified

Bulky furniture, heavy materials and hordes of clutter don’t do our productivity or mental wellbeing much good when we’re trying to get through a mound of work.

Consequently, work spaces are becoming simplified, with open shelves, clean lines and neutral colours deliberately being used to craft a calmer, brighter and more pleasant working space, where important documents and paperwork can be found with ease.

Ergonomic furniture

Unfortunately, backache and other aches, pains and injuries can be caused by being sat at a desk all day, leaning over a computer typing at a keyboard. Ergonomically-designed office furniture can help prevent the physical damage our desk jobs can have on our bodies.

From moveable keyboards to ergo-friendly chairs, more and more businesses and individuals are relying on ergonomically-designed office furniture to prevent the damage being sat at a desk all day can have on the body.

Standing desks

One piece of ergonomic furniture that has really been making inroads in recent years, is the standing desk. Not only can being sat down all day lead to backache and other aches and pains, but it can also increase the risk of diabetes, heart disease and weight gain.

By allowing you to stand comfortably at a desk instead of sitting, standing desks can help counter some of the negative effects of desk jobs. One of the benefits of using standing desks is that we lower the risk of weight gain and obesity as more calories are burned by simply standing at our desks each day.

This type of ergonomic office furniture has also been linked to potentially lowering blood sugar levels, decreasing the risk of heart disease and reducing back pain.

Cushioned furniture

It stands to reason, if we’re forced to sit on hard, uncomfortable furniture all day, we’re not going to work at our best, nor will it do our physical or mental health much good.

As we’d mentioned in an earlier blog about setting up an office for maximum productivity, investing in comfortable office chairs, which are a pleasure to sit on and are surrounded by ample room, will go a long way in enhancing staff “morale, efficiency, and their performance in general.”

Create a ‘third place’

One ergonomic office innovation that no working space which prioritises the wellbeing and interests of its occupants should ignore, is the concept of the ‘third place’. Such is space is designed to allow members of staff to take time away from their desk and relax, either on their own or with other co-workers.

Earlier this year, Carrwood Park introduced a ‘third space’, a well-lit open space which uses materials straight from nature. The space is focused on employee wellbeing and productivity and we hope it will encourage success and growth for all businesses which decide to use it.

An emphasis on eco-friendly office furniture

Using office furniture which has been recycled and made with eco-friendly materials helps businesses reduce their carbon footprint and subsequently become more corporately-responsible.

Knowing they are ‘doing their bit’ for the environment will help give businesses and individuals a significant positivity and credibility boost.



For quality office space on the outskirts of Leeds that’s designed with the health and wellbeing of all who use it in mind, join the businesses already benefiting from Carrwood Park’s full-service business centre, which provides fully-furnished, luxury office space to our clients.



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