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How technology is changing the way we run meetings

Posted by Oliver Corrigan on May 8, 2018 8:30:00 AM
Oliver Corrigan
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Once upon a time, all we’d need to run a meeting would be a flipchart and a pen. How times have changed!  Technology is encroaching into most areas of our life, including how we run meetings. Thankfully, these technological advances are improving the dynamics of how business meetings and conferences work, making them ever more efficient and effective.


Smartphones and tablets


It used to be considered quite rude to be checking your phone during a meeting, but with the smartphone so ubiquitous today, there really is no need to restrict their use during a meeting.


Nowadays, people use their phones for pretty much everything, especially millennials, from checking emails to keeping up to date with either world news or developments within a particular sector.


Notes can be taken down via a phone or tablet, appointments made, and facts checked. They have become essential items, so why leave them behind when conducting a meeting that aims to be as productive as possible?


Smart boards and touch screen monitors


It is much easier to communicate and collaborate on an idea when everyone can see exactly what it entails. Having a smart board or a touch screen monitor allows one member of the meeting party to display information that everyone can see at the same time. In the old days we would use a whiteboard to achieve a similar effect, but modern smart boards are a lot more versatile.


Often the creation or amendment of a document will be required during the meeting, sometimes being edited according to everyone’s input, thus a large touch screen monitor can be employed to enable this.


Software programs and apps


There is a multitude of apps and programs specifically designed to make meetings more efficient and productive. There are apps that help you plan and prepare for meetings, as well as scheduling programs and time-trackers. The likes of Doodle and Apple’s Meeting Minutes and Agenda Maker can completely remove the stress of organising a productive meeting.


Video conferencing


We also don’t need to be in the same room together to have a productive meeting anymore, or even be in the same country! Video conferencing provides an effective method for team members in different locations to conduct a heads-together without hopping on a plane or train to sit in the same room with each other. It might be one person working from a different location who can attend the meeting via a video call, or multiple people from different branches all communicating directly with each other to help move the business forward as effectively as possible.


All these technological advances mean that meetings should no longer be the dreaded time waster that many workers have previously thought them to be. Now, aided by smart tech and purpose-specific apps, business meetings and conferences can be more effective than ever in help driving the company forward.



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