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Carrwood Park Introduce the 'Third Place'

Posted by Oliver Corrigan on Mar 14, 2018 10:30:00 AM
Oliver Corrigan
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The new space is designed for and focused on employee productivity and well-being; offering different work stations and open space alongside natural light and materials straight from nature. Our hope is that the space promotes success and growth for any business that makes use of it. Unlike many Serviced Office chains we are a family-run business that offers true value as well as a great environment to any company choosing to house their company here; the space you see below is free of charge to use for any of our residents and their visitors. 

After being in the market for a number of years we wanted our clients and customers to know that we listen to and really understand their wants and needs from the spaces that they and their team work in. After hearing that their first choice was productive space and taking note of peoples' habits in the centre, we worked towards creating a space that everyone could benefit from. 

We have sound-proofed the working pods and phonecall booths for the privacy and professionalism required by our residents, and included a working bench for people to work alongside each other to encourage chance encounters. These are just a couple of the features that the new space has to offer. If you want to have a look around the space and see how we could help you nurture and grow your business and team then please get in touch!

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