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Five ways to remain productive at work during the Easter break

Posted by Oliver Corrigan on Mar 27, 2018 8:30:00 AM
Oliver Corrigan
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With the kids off school and Easter egg hunts to organise, it’s easy for work-based tasks to go off trail during the Easter holidays. Working flexibly and remotely can give your team’s productivity levels a much-needed boost during Easter. As can having access to high-speed Wi-Fi and other quality office infrastructure.

Don’t let the fun and distraction of Eastertime have negative repercussions on your business with the following five ways to remain productive at working during the Easter break.

Allow teams to work flexibly

With the children off school, Bank Holidays in the pipeline and a whole host of events and activities going on, traditional ‘9 – 5’ working patterns aren’t easy to adhere to during the Easter holidays. Giving employees the chance to work flexible working hours from remote locations means they can work round family and Easter commitments and thereby remain productive during this busy time of year.

Research shows that having flexibility in work schedules is the number one most desired employment perk. Therefore, offering flexible working during ‘family’ times of the year likes Easter, not only means employees can keep working over the holidays but it can also help keep staff motivated and loyal to your company.

Take advantage of a virtual office

Don’t worry about missing an important phone call during the holidays with a virtual office. As we noted in a blog about essential productivity tools to keep your business running over Christmas, having a receptionist answer your calls in a reliable and professional manner will ensure your business maintains a professional image even during holiday seasons like Easter.

Collaborate and come up with a holiday schedule 

Prior to shutting the office doors for the long Easter weekend, collaborate with your co-workers to come up with a holiday plan and schedule. This way, even if colleagues are working remotely away from the office everyone will understand their tasks and duties during the holiday period.

As we’d mentioned in a previous blog, 50% of employees say that bosses who share information and data has a positive impact on productivity and motivation.

Talk to your co-workers so you can collectively implement an effective and productive holiday work schedule.

Celebrate Easter in the office

Whilst getting the boss to dress up as the Easter bunny and hop around the office might be a little farfetched, marking Easter at work could help boost morale amongst the workforce. Simple things like handing Easter eggs around the office or putting some Easter decorations up, will create a happy vibe at this important time of year.

Take time off

As Forbes notes:

“It might seem counterintuitive, but one of the easiest ways to stay productive during the holidays is to take some time off.” 

Easter is a joyous time to be with family and friends and the break away from work is likely to give you and your team a productivity and even creativity boost when you return to the office after the Easter break.

It’s times like Easter when working in shared office space which nurtures co-worker collaboration and banter in a fun, flexible and well-facilitated environment, can be the perfect solution to helping businesses retain productiveness, despite the inevitable distractions of Easter.

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Carrwood Park offers flexible, stylish and collaborative shared office space on the outskirts of Leeds. We also have a number of virtual office packages, meaning you can maintain a professional image even over Easter.



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