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How to plan the perfect business meeting

Posted by Oliver Corrigan on Mar 6, 2018 8:30:00 AM
Oliver Corrigan
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The making or breaking of many a business deal takes place in the meeting room. Whether it’s in a conference room or board room, the gathering of co-workers or potential clients and partners is a regular part of business activity. This face-to-face communication remains an essential part of business today even in a world full of video calls and instant messaging.


That is why it is so important to set up your company’s meeting room to maximise the potential for effective communication between departments and good business deals to be sealed.

Why meeting rooms remain important to business


Communication is key to making good business decisions, especially as a company will often consist of multiple departments that need to coordinate to ensure everyone is on the same page. Meetings between department heads and team members facilitate this, although it is important to construct such meetings so that they are genuinely beneficial to everyone involved. Team targets can be discussed, and any issues ironed out so that the employees of the business move as one unit toward the company’s ultimate goal.


Another benefit of a good meeting room is for conflict resolution. Members of staff may not always see eye-to-eye or there may be departmental conflicts so it is a good idea to have a neutral place where each can explain their positions in order to build a better business team.


Meeting rooms are also where prospective clients and partners will usually alight to discuss the details of doing business with a company, so it is important that such a place is set up to look modern, professional and inviting.

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Creating the perfect meeting room


Sticking a random table and whatever spare chairs you can rustle up from around the office is the wrong way to go about setting up your meeting room. A little investment will be rewarding in the long-term, so consider what kind of chairs are most suitable, both aesthetically and in terms of their comfort to sit in for significant periods of time. The lighting should be adequate too and space for modern technology that might be required such as monitors and whiteboards in order to create the perfect meeting room.


Some serious thought should also go into the size and shape of the table depending on what kind of meeting will primarily be taking place. There is actually some boardroom psychology at play here as certain table shapes can have a particular effect on the group having the meeting. For example, a long rectangular table will cause some people sitting around it to be away from the centre of attention, be that the boss or the client. This shape tends to create a hierarchal seating arrangement. However, a rounded table affords everyone equal space and positioning, as well as an unobstructed view of everyone else at the table, thus offering more equilibrium.


Another option is the U-shaped table, which affords those seated around the outer edge of the U a clear view of the space inside or at the open end of the U, which is especially useful for presentations.


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Rent premium meeting rooms to nurture success


Sometimes the premises of a business simply don’t have the space to set up an adequate meeting room, but there are plenty of options to rent modern and well-facilitated meeting space that portrays a business in a professional light.

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