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Monday Morning Meetings at Carrwood

Posted by Oliver Corrigan on Jul 9, 2018 11:57:27 AM
Oliver Corrigan
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This week, given the beautiful weather we have been grateful to receive lately, we decided to conduct our weekly management meeting in one of our outdoor areas. Ok, so we know we are incredibly blessed to have 120 acres to play with and not everyone has access to rural areas within their work places but at Carrwood, we have it so we’re going to use it!

Carrwood Green outside meeting spaceNatural light, a bit of vitamin D and countryside sights are an idyllic way to start the week but it’s not just all about supporting staff well-being, we also place a high value on increasing productivity in the workplace.

The objective of a Monday morning meeting is to ensure everyone in your team has a clear picture of the weeks objectives against your monthly / quarterly plan and how the objectives can be met along with the progress to date. The meeting should be held in private room and needs to have a clear and concise agenda, and at the same time each Monday where possible.

Without a Monday morning meeting, your team may not have a clear idea of what the expectations are for the week. Take this time to ensure your team informed, motivated and any issues from the previous week are addressed.

Think of the Monday morning meeting as a weekly productivity booster. Equally, it is not a training/discussion time. If that is necessary, then you may want to consider holding a more formal meeting with an agenda right after the meeting/a lunch and learn with only those people required.

Here are our top tips on how to utilise your Monday meetings effectively:

  • Information is key! Up-to-date news is important.
  • A week plan is essential. How we are going to meet our objectives for the week? Don't forget to review your progress from the week before against your month/quarterly plan.
  • Motivational! Where possible try the good news - bad news - good news approach. You want your team to understand the issues but ensure your team are ready for a productive week.

Once you have a few Monday morning meetings your team will look forward to them because they know they don't take much time, and the information they receive will make their day/week more productive.

If you would like to hold your Monday morning meetings in either one of our meeting rooms or our external areas, then please contact me on:

Tel: 0113 3854480/ 07725583588

Email: sherrelle.blackwell@carrwoodpark.com

Happy Monday everyone!

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