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Need to take your child to work this half-term? How to keep them entertained in the office

Posted by Oliver Corrigan on May 15, 2018 8:30:00 AM
Oliver Corrigan
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The half-term holiday can prove problematic for many working parents. If you have little option other than to take your youngsters to the office with you, you will need to go prepared! To help you, here is a list of six ways to keep your child entertained while you get on with your work.

Arts and Craft


Make a special area for your child to get creative by providing some paper, coloured card and an assortment of pens, markers and crayons. Any other craft materials you can include will be helpful, as even if the child doesn’t actually use them, just having the option there can help stave off boredom. Colouring-in books, tracing paper and join-the-dot puzzles are good options to include.


Play Business


Children often love to mimic their parents so if your child sees you busy at work in your work environment then it is likely they will be inspired to play at business as well. Specific toys can help them do this, such as a toy telephone, and a child-friendly calculator.


However, this needn’t incur the extra cost of buying such items, as in any given office there is likely to be a broken or unused phone and keyboard somewhere that can be repurposed as play items. Alternatively, you can always include your child in genuine tasks such as helping to spring clean your desk.


Special Toy Box


Talking of toys, younger children will be quite excited by the prospect of going to work with you if they know there is a special toy box with toys they don’t normally get to play with at home. It doesn’t have to be a huge collection, but a whole new set of toys will help keep them from growing bored which can certainly happen if they bring just a handle of their usual toys with them.


Tablets and Smartphones


It should be possible to allocate a spare tablet or smartphone, so your child can watch a film or cartoons. There are many suitable options available to watch for free on video sharing websites or via video-on-demand apps so an internet connection is all that is needed to access hours of free entertainment for children of any age. Just don’t forget to bring some headphones for them!


Books and Audio Books


Older children might enjoy reading books or even comic books, but there is also the novelty of an audio book which they can enjoy as well. A favourite story of theirs being read by a soothing voice or perhaps one you enjoyed yourself in your own youth can take up a couple of hours at least.

One side effect of audio books is the possibility of the listener being soothed to sleep, but you can prepare for that by providing a soft for them to fall asleep on.


A Nap Area


Children’s energy levels can go up and down throughout the day so try to take advantage of their tired moments by providing a play space with a blanket, cushion and other such soft items which they can comfortably snooze upon.

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