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Top workplace features that reduce stress and improves bottom line

Posted by Oliver Corrigan on Mar 13, 2018 8:30:00 AM
Oliver Corrigan
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Being in a queue for 40 minutes on the commute to work can mean we’re stressed out before we even arrive in the office! As can being unable to find a carparking space. Working in an office that’s void of the stresses and strains that are all but synonymous with many offices, can have a significantly positive impact on work-based productivity, ultimately improving a business’s bottom line. 

Take a look at the top workplace features that are known to reduce stress, which has a positive affect on staff morale, productivity and the overall success of an organisation.


Avoid negotiating city centre traffic

We’ve all been there, stuck in a mile-long tailback in city centre traffic with the clock quickly ticking to the time we’re meant to be starting work! Of course, although we can never fully predict the traffic, generally speaking, avoiding the congestion of city and town centres during the commute is going to equate to a smoother, quicker and less stressful journey to work.

And without turning up at the office sweaty, stressed and late due to hellish urban traffic, you’ll start the day in a much calmer manner, which can act as a powerful performance booster.

A study by the National Statistics looking into commuting and personal wellbeing, found that commuters are more likely to be anxious and dissatisfied than those who didn’t have long commutes and that “each additional minute of commuting time made you feel slightly worse.”  

The solution? Avoid working in an office in a city or town centre location and opt for workspace situated in more convenient locations such as on the outskirts of a city or town where you won’t have to negotiate city centre traffic.

Have free parking at work

The concept ‘Car Park Anxiety’ wasn’t created without good reason! Not being able to find a place to park our cars can be a potent stress inducer. In fact, according to a survey of 25,000 drivers by The AA, unsurprisingly, Londoners have the highest parking-related stress levels. As the Huffington Post notes:

“Of all the capital’s drivers surveyed, 36 per cent said they get anxious about parking.”

It stands to reason that getting super stressed about parking and wasting invaluable time driving round in search of a lucrative parking spot is not conducive with starting the working day at your best. By contrast, working at an office that has ample parking - preferably free parking – can help staff have a calm and productive start to the day.

Touches like offering free and sufficient parking spaces for staff can go a long way in boosting happiness and wellbeing at work, and by doing so, leading to a more loyal workforce with lower retention rates. And without having to fork out money recruiting and training new staff, companies are likely to improve their bottom line – such is the power of free parking! 

Create a comfortable working environment

As we highlighted in a blog about managing stress in the workplace, creating a comfortable space can go a long way in crafting a happy and productive workforce, which can ultimately improve a business’s bottom line.

A comfortable working environment can be achieved through having comfy furniture in the office, ensuring the workspace is at a comfortable temperature and isn’t too hot or too cold, and bringing the outdoors in by placing plants and flowers around the office.

Have a ‘third place’ available for employees to relax and take ‘time out’

Never underestimate the power of a ‘third place’. By ‘third place’ we mean a space which is a break away from the same-old working environment, where employees can take time away from their desk, chat with colleagues or co-workers and generally relax.

As Inc.com writes:

“A third place is a break from the same four walls, where people go for a daily dose of social interaction, spark their creativity, and restore themselves through relaxation.”

We have to admit that Carrwood Park ticks all the above boxes in providing an office space that’s void of the strains and stresses many offices and working spaces are home to. Not only is the grind of city centre traffic something you won’t have to live with at Carrwood Park, but you can enjoy free parking in our spacious carpark, luxury office furniture in a comfortable working environment, and those desirable ‘third place’ areas where you can unwind and take ‘time out’ to nurture productivity levels and creativity.

Contact our team to find out more about our modern and fully-equipped serviced offices, offering fully-furnished luxurious office space on the outskirts of Leeds City Centre that can reduce employee stress and ultimately improve your bottom line.




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