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Five tips to support your team’s wellbeing

by WorkWell on May 25, 2022

Nurturing an environment where teams feel comfortable to talk about and support their own wellbeing – both mental and physical – is a key part of developing an effective and resilient team.

Wellness WalkAs teams continue to adapt to different ways of working, building strong foundations for workplace wellbeing will encourage a supportive, connected and collaborative environment where teams can thrive.

Here are five tips to help you get started on how to actively support your team’s wellbeing:
  1. Promote a good work-life balance

Members should encourage taking breaks between work. Within the working day it can be easy to slip into a cycle of working and forgetting to take breaks away from the desk. Members at WorkWell benefit from exclusive access to the grounds surrounding the offices and what better way to spend your lunch break or a phone call, than in the fresh air and making the most of nature around us. It's important you look after your own wellbeing so you can also be there to support your team.  

  1. Regular team check-ins

Have regular check-ins with colleagues to gauge how they’re feeling and be sure to share how you are doing too. Whether it’s a virtual conversation or escaping the office for a more private option using a bookable space at WorkWell or pods, make sure these regular check-ins are scheduled to monitor stress and how you can support your teams.

  1. Consider your work environment

The environment plays an important part in attracting, retaining, and promoting a healthy workforce. WorkWell provides a carefully designed space to maximize team potential for both collaborative and independent working. Consider how you use your working space, does it offer a blend of focus and collaboration, comfort, and inspiration, to boost the outcomes of your team?

  1. Introduce a wellness plan

Open communication is a huge factor in promoting wellbeing in the workplace. It’s not always about practical elements - giving someone a safe space to open about how they’re feeling can go a long way in developing a stronger team. This can be implemented through wellness plans, which are designed on an individual basis to understand any challenges or considerations for colleagues. They can be kept up to date by colleagues as part of 1-1s and having them integrated in your team’s processes shows the value placed on your team’s wellbeing, working with individuals to develop them, while creating a safe environment for growth and learning.

  1. Adopt a mindfulness approach

According to a study carried out by Be Mindful, mindfulness is proven to improve mental wellbeing. A technique which promotes calmness, a practice of staying present in the moment, with greater focus on any current task. Mindfulness can be a conscious practice through pausing and deep breathing, or alternatively can be done during everyday moments, such as making a cup of coffee or waiting for your document to print. Bringing your attention to the present moment helps with concentration, managing stress levels and means you can make more informed and strategic decisions.

How are you currently working with your teams to support wellbeing in the workplace? Share your suggestions with the WorkWell team over on LinkedIn, Twitter or Instagram.