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Interview with Nick Carmichael at CTDS - Serviced Office

Posted by Oliver Corrigan on Nov 27, 2013 10:51:00 AM

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Carrwood park interview with CTDSCTDS is a leading veterinary diagnostics lab, with facilities and offices based in Brookfield Park. In their time here, they have expanded from around 750 square feet of space to now using about 2,000 square feet. We spoke to Nick Carmichael, Founder and Veterinary Director at CTDS, and asked him about running his company at Brookfield Park.
“There are several important factors that have made Brookfield the perfect spot for us to run our business. From a logistical point of view, proximity to the MI has proved incredibly useful as we have a number of couriers coming to and from our offices every day, and our staff have found it useful too as it has kept commuting times nice and low. Those in Leeds find themselves going against the regular rush-hour flow, it’s great.

Carrwod park. cdts case studyBesides the excellent location, I’d say that for us, knowing that we can both expand and contract our usage of space according to our needs at the time is an important feature of using serviced offices at Brookfield. We always have access to meeting rooms without having to worry about the overheads needed to maintain our own meeting room all the time. This level of flexibility is really fantastic.

 Another thing we have found great about locating our business at Brookfield is the environment at the site itself. It’s great for our staff to come in to a pleasant workspace in a semi-rural location. They get the greenery and fresh air of the country, combined with the relative convenience of being close to the urban centre of Leeds, but without having to be in some ugly office block somewhere. We’ve also made use of the large open outdoor space at Brookfield for having lunch or just taking a break in from time to time.

 Finally, the offices and facilities themselves are just very impressive. When we have people visiting us, they are always taken aback by the sheer quality of the space we have here at Brookfield. This is a real distinction at Carrwood and Brookfield, where employers are given the chance to show they really care about their staff’s working environment.

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