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Make your business more professional overnight with these simple and cost-effective tips

Posted by Oliver Corrigan on May 29, 2018 8:30:00 AM

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We all want a more professional-looking business, but we don’t always have the funds to heighten the professionality of our commercial ventures. Fortunately, boosting the credibility of your business doesn’t need to be as costly as you may think.

Help is at hand with these cost-effective tips to make your business look more professional overnight.

Ensure your business has a dedicated phone number

Rather than merging your business and personal calls into one mobile phone, get a phone with its own number that is solely for business purposes. That way you won’t run the risk of answering the phone in an unprofessional manner.

You can place your business telephone number on all marketing channels, including your website, the business emails you send, on your business cards and your social media platforms. This consistency will give your business a boost in the professionality stakes.

Get a website

From marketing to a global audience to letting your target audience find you, not to mention helping you look significantly more digitally savvy and professional, the commercial benefits of having a website and active online presence are prolific.

Despite the huge gains of having a website, a surprisingly large proportion of businesses in Britain still don’t have a website. Figures released by the ONS in 2016, found that only half of all businesses in the UK had a website.

Having a website that maps out your products or services, the location of your business, your company’s news and customer testimonials, is a simple and cost-effective way to make your business be seen in a significantly more professional almost overnight.

Flash the business cards

Business cards have long been an incredibly easy and effective way to put your business in the right hands. Not only will these simple and inexpensive marketing assets ensure important clients, customers, prospective leads and contractors have your contact details at hand in one place, but they will make you and your business look considerably more professional.

Work on branding your business

For businesses of all sizes and sectors, branding is one of their most powerful tools. Brand marketing essentially refers to various components that help build a business’s identity, such as its logo, slogan, colours, symbols and culture.

Working on the colour, design, ethos and message of your brand will create an effective and cohesive identity for your business, making it, not only more instantly recognisable, but also more professional.

Have a professional address

The location of your business speaks volumes in how others perceive your company. Put simply, having a business address in a ‘professional’ location such as a credible business park in a big city, will go a long way projecting your business in a more professional light.

Have a virtual office

One of the easiest, quickest and most cost-effective ways to help make your business look more professional practically overnight, is to get a registered business address, your own business phone line and have a receptionist answer your calls and deal with your post, at a virtual office.

At Carrwood Park you can give your business in instant boost in the professionality stakes by getting a registered address at our premier serviced office space. Rather than having to worry about being interrupted by calls and answering your phone in an unprofessional manner, Carrwood Park will have all your calls answered within three rings.



To find out more about how you can be efficient, reliable, switched on, and, above all, professional with a virtual office at Carrwood Park, contact our friendly team today.



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