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Testimonial with Paul Campbell

Posted by Oliver Corrigan on Jun 6, 2014 11:50:00 AM

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Carrwood catches up with Paul Campbell, a director of Effective Group, a company dedicated to generating online income for clients.

During its 14 years in operation, Effective Group have made more than 500 clients extremely happy providing websites, SEO, Adwords management, PLA management, social media management and content marketing.

Paul uses Carrwood’s co-working spaces to conduct meetings and catch up with his team at regular intervals as some of them work remotely.

Loving the bespoke nature and ‘incredibly quick internet connection’ of Carrwood’s offices, Paul was more than happy to share his views of our communal working spaces.


How long have you been using Carrwood co-working spaces?

Effective Group have been using Carrwood’s co-working offices on and off for six years.


What do you like about the offices?

Most of all I love the bespoke nature of Carrwood. You immediately get the vibe of a family-run business that isn’t a chain. You feel that the services are tailor-made for your own specific needs.
The offices are spotless, warm, light and airy. The staff are excellent – friendly yet professional.

Are the facilities good?

The facilities are excellent. Refreshment facilities are at hand and the internet is incredibly fast, meaning cloud computing is quick and efficient.


How do co-working / communal spaces benefit your business?

Carrwood’s co-working spaces provide the flexibility Effective Group requires. As some Effective Group employees spend a lot of their time working remotely, we find this solution fits our business.
Co-working offices give Effective Group the best of both worlds.

Does Carrwood’s co-working office space meet your business's requirements?

Absolutely, 100%. As I mentioned earlier, our business and employees require flexible working arrangements. Carrwood’s convenient location means we can meet up and spend time together in meetings in an office environment.
Effective Group relies heavily on cloud-based computing and the facilities at Carrwood caters for our requirements perfectly.

Would you recommend Carrwood to other organisations?

Yes I would recommend and have recommended Carrwood to other organisations.


Do you see the future of working patterns moving towards a more flexible model?

Without question. In fact just the other day I read an interesting article about how a prolific number of young people are working ‘on the move’. Flexible, remote working is definitely the future and co-working set-ups provide the perfect balance.

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